For graduate study:

please apply to all these programs (generally at the cost of one fee):

UCSD Biological Sciences Graduate Program:

UCSD Health Sciences Neurosciences Graduate Program:

UCSD Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program:


Candidates interested in Postdoctoral research are welcome to contact the PI anytime.


For undergraduate research, please check out guidelines and deadlines for independent study:

I strongly encourage you to apply for BILD99, BISP199, or BISP196.  Please make sure that you can make 12-20 hours commitment.

For students interested in BS/MS program,

please check out
I only consider students who have enrolled for at least one quarter BISP199 under me.

For visiting students from other countries:

Internship opportunities are available throughout the year; please email the PI.

For lab technician positions: please email the PI (